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Financial Assistance Program

WOMAN 2 WOMAN provide emergency financial assistance to families in need throughout Tennessee. The Emergency Financial Assistance Program provide financial assistance in emergency situations for rental and housing costs to  prevent homelessness, utility services, food, clothing, and car repairs. 

We provide assistance to individuals and families who are experiencing poverty that could result in things such as homelessness, loss of electricity and running water, job loss leading to unemployment, or hunger. 

Holiday Sponsorships

Holidays are a time where families can come together with one another and experience true joy within their home. This isn’t always the case with families who have experienced a life changing event or experiencing poverty and cannot afford the extra expense of holiday meals and gifts. The Holiday Sponsorships Program provide holiday meals and gifts to single women in need, who families otherwise would have to go with out. 

Empowerment Program

One of the goals of WOMAN 2 WOMAN is to empower women in such a way that will influence them to want a better life for themselves and their families. Being that women are the majority of victims of domestic violence, rape, trafficking and other violence acts, our program, provide them supportive services to aid in their emotional and spiritual healing. Our empowerment program also strive to help them find employment, develop employment  opportunities, further their education, provide strategies on saving money and building generational wealth so that they can provide for themselves and their families. 

Suicide Prevention Program

Those experiencing violence, pain, depression, poverty, homelessness, job loss or hunger may also be experiencing mental health issues as well as a mental health crisis. Those without the resources to provide for their family’s basic needs, often don’t have the resources to provide for their  mental health. The Suicide Prevention Program offers  counseling referrals and resources, supportive listening and community events to raise awareness  for mental health throughout Tennessee. We work to reduce factors that increase the risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors & increase the factors that help.

Young Fly & Focused-   Youth Program

Growing up with violence in the home, experiencing poverty, and without both parents inside the home can come with numerous mental, behavioral, social and spiritual issues that could follow these youth into their adult lives. This can easily affect their abilities to make good rational decisions, put them on a path to repeat the same cycles that they experienced growing up or cause them to experience poverty in their adult lives. We want youth to know that they were created on purpose! The Young Fly & Focused Program offer resources that will bring them the guidance, perseverance and changed mindset to enhance and discover their gifts and talents for their own purpose.